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Moralltach Global is an investing company in Ireland, and when I was asked to design their logo, I was amazed by the story behind company's story. “Moralltach” is the name of a sword from Irish folklore which is believed to bring a slain warrior back to life if he so deserved, so we created a logo with a sword and shield that represents the tree of life to combine the legend with the company's mission to help Irish business community.

Finished identity for a coffee house and kitchen in East London. I also designed menu, menu boards, packaging and signage.

I.C. is a global asset manager with operational foot prints in New York and London. I didn’t only design the logo but also achieved complete branding which includes corporate identity with brand style guide.

Churika is New York's new favourite food delivery company. As my favourite digital design studio made the whole UI process they wanted to design the logo and here is the approved logo for Churika, selected between four other options.

Logo for the Istanbul based co-working space "Daire" which means the office in Turkish and also a synonym of the circle.

Satlite is an app that you can make your own app without having know to design or coding.

Approved logo between many others that I designed for soundpass which is a website that you can find discount or voucher codes for special sound effects.

The project was to create a fitness brand for Nine Performance House, which they have got 9 stages to reborn the members. And as they are literally working in a house I created the sub-name “Performance House”

Logomark for a Swiss hospitality consultancy company.

WowReviews is a website like TripAdvisor but in a luxurious way. 

gigafun is a game development company based in Istanbul, Turkey. I not only designed the logo, I also worked on iconography, branding, pattern design, brand guideline and also name of the brand.

Portakal, which means orange in Turkish, is the one of the newest but bestselling teen publishing house in Turkey. 

Private aviation company